Professional Summary:

I possess significant technology and business experience with a proven track record of innovation, leadership, software development and product management. I am a passionate adherent of Agile Software Development and Lean Startup Methodologies with over 12 years experience gathering market requirements, designing, developing and delivering intuitive and effective web applications as well as recruiting and leading development, UX/UI, testing and QA teams. My strengths include architecture, data modeling, system design, fault tolerance and performance optimization. I’ve written impactful copy for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Last but not least, I help crystalize startup founders’ vision and help them express that vision in practical strategies and intuitive products that deliver solid value.

My professional activities:

Personal Summary:

I’m curious, passionate and creative. I value clear communication, transparency and I respect those with whom I interact. I like people. I enjoy photography — capturing the beauty around me. I’m a musician  — always seeking to express feeling. I am a man of the sea; a sailor. I’ve done a lot of sailboat racing and enjoyed competition at various levels — from low-key races with friends to leading my team at the Melges 24 world championships. I’ve cruised the waters of Western Washington and British Columbia and crossed oceans in my Tartan 37 — paying for my tropical adventures with deep ocean storms and knockdowns on the way back home. I’ve traveled quite a bit and have many more destinations in mind.

Rounding Cape Flattery at dusk and heading out for an adventure on the Pacific Ocean.