Startup Alliance

Hi, I’m John Knapp, I created Startup Alliance a long time ago.

I’ve mentored entrepreneurs for a long time because I firmly believe entrepreneurship is one of the greatest drivers of good in this world. Driven by a strong desire to help more entrepreneurs create more value for themselves, their families and communities, I created the Startup Alliance.

Taking it to the next level

The SA has been a part-time side project since day one but in 2022, I’ve decided to launch as a knowledge sharing platform for entrepreneurs and those who support them. The team and I are uniting entrepreneurs globally and exposing them to broader information, ideas and perspectives to help them maximize their success.

Startup Alliance Backstory

Started during the first internet bubble as monthly founder gatherings at a pub in Seattle, the SA was known for the quality of the participants. The SA existed for startup founders, not the swarms of service providers handing out business cards at the other meetups at the time. It continued until I took a sailing sabbatical in fall of 2004, founded my next startup and moved to Silicon Valley in 2011. I created a group on once I was established in the valley but wasn’t too active since I was busy building and mentoring startups.