My clients and colleagues are enthusiastic about my work and the value I provide.

For example:

John brings a pretty unique package to any early stage company: he can think strategically about vision and priorities, but most importantly, he can roll up his sleeves, build and deploy a piece of software that delivers on the vision. John has the entrepreneurial DNA and technical depth any startup desperately looks for.

– Nicolas Robbe, CEO, Hoverlay

John is a savvy advisor and entrepreneur with a long history in the tech startup world. A successful founder and leader of a startup incubator and info hub, he’s equally knowledgeable at both the front and back ends of the platform and business development process. He understands user experience, the development of platforms and the workings of the tech industry from many different perspectives. I recommend him as a fantastic resource and individual for anything involving technology startup/entrepreneurship.

– Paula Soito, CEO, ArtsRow

When I was only contemplating quitting my job to be a full time entrepreneur, John told me something that I’d never forget: be 100%. There’s no other way. Since then he has been a mentor I look up to and rely on. The depth of his knowledge and experience with entrepreneurship is impressive.

– Joël Cheuoua, Founder, Symbyoz

John created the first grassroots, large scale peer community of entrepreneurs in Seattle, called Startup Alliance. During the time John ran Startup Alliance, the programming and networking he organized delivered significant value to the entrepreneurs of Seattle. Through John’s efforts, Startup Alliance earned a reputation as a high-quality peer group where founders and CEOs could connect and enhance their businesses. Many first time (and experienced) entrepreneurs owe a debt of gratitude to John for the advice they received at Startup Alliance.

– Bill Bryant, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

I worked with John at Boatbound. Our task was to rewrite an e-commerce Rails application in a variety of ways. I focused on the DB migration, John directed engineers on the rest of the app. John is well versed in all the different technologies which make up a sophisticated e-commerce or marketplace app. His work style is efficient yet pleasant. I would recommend John to anyone who needs to implement e-commerce technology. He is both “hands-on” and a great leader.

– Dan Bikle, CEO/CTO, Forex611.com

In my experience working with John I realized my appreciation for his approach to our project and the team. He’s fully dedicated to understand the objectives in driving business as a whole and taking charge beyond his level of responsibilities. He has an incredible attention to details. Well rounded in understanding of the latest technologies and best practices. Highly energized and enthusiastic. Supportive. Creates a friendly environment that makes your work enjoyable. Respectful to team members. John would make a great leader. I look forward to having another chance to work with him.

– Alex Zavodnik, UI Architect, zElement