Jason Prosnitz, Product VP, Scope AR

To whom it may concern,

John has a fantastic mixture of technical prowess, problem deconstruction and pathfinding ability that enables product leaders and development professionals to appreciate and ultimately build the vision laid out for a team. While we worked together and toiled through incredibly complex and intertwined epics and user stories, he assisted me (as the VP of Product) to keep grounded in what could actually get done from an engineering perspective while simultaneously ensuring our lexicon and build journeys made sense to those actually coding up the product. 


It didn’t stop there though; during our tenure together, my Product team was short staffed. Given his ability to think like both a PM as well as an EM and Architect, I handed him several projects, effectively deputizing him as one of my PMs (on top of his other responsibilities) for which he broke down, defined and documented epics, stories and attributes for early aspects of our next generation UI’s backend. 

Further, he was never married to what he created; he challenged me (and himself) to poke as many holes in it as we could (which we did endlessly). Collaborating with John wasn’t just work but it was FUN.

I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.


Jason Prosnitz