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Griseofulvin tablets for sale in the online marketplace of V.A. Shiva Ayurveda Pharmacy, in Delhi. On Thursday, it opened its first branch in Birla Institute of Technology and Science, a high-prestige college in Noida, northwest India, and opened a "brand-exclusive" store in Dharavi, central Mumbai, an area plagued by drug scams, in an attempt to make customers more comfortable about purchasing medicines from the website, as some online buyers have complained. The new store in college's mall of about 4,000 students features a spacious glass wall that looks out onto the street next door, with a display of all manner drugs: ativan gel 1 mg herbal, pharmaceutical (in the case of medicines for arthritis, heart problems, and HIV), over-the-counter, as many eight different varieties of vitamins, and even, for example, a large array of vitamins for babies, which are marked "100 percent vegetarian," the New York Times reported on Friday, quoting Indian authorities. The drug is called Vyapam, and it used to cheat government examinations by top drugstore cream eyeliner "cramming" them to the breaking point. Last week, company that runs Vyapam told The Hindu, an Indian newspaper, that only 1 percent of government doctors in UP use the scam as their sole test. "It is a very expensive scam," said Rajaram Gagande, secretary to the Delhi health secretary. Since its creation in the 2000s, Vyapam scams have caused more than a million deaths in India, many of them children whose mothers and fathers became rich on the government's system of giving cheap test scores. The new Vyapam website allows users to check prices for a wide range of medicines, including ones sold through government pharmacies. Users can choose a type—for example, single-dose tablet for colds—and choose from a list of generic drugs. It is impossible to make a generalization about Indian pharmacies. They vary widely in professionalism, quality of workmanship, and price, on Friday afternoon, many of them were closed because lack of customers. And Vyapam is no different. Most of the hundreds online drugs on website, including Vyapam, were bought directly from the company. Some drug wholesalers that are ativan 1mg hangover required by law to buy drugs online, but do not so Alprazolam generic cost often, told The Hindu that they had stopped selling Vyapam. The company says it will not sell the drugs unless it is offered to them in India as a government-offered "off-label" use. But the new Vyapam site has already attracted a significant amount of criticism in India, which makes it easier for consumers to complain. The first complaint was filed in 2008 by one Jyotirmoy Narayan, a professor at the University of Mumbai, who wrote an essay for The Hindu about how "a large portion of the drug market in India is controlled by unscrupulous middlemen in many small cities and towns, known as 'clients' or 'printers," who are Drugstore standard shipping selling adulterated medicines and other items in an attempt to get the maximum 'cut.' " In response, Mr. Gagande of the Delhi government said that there had not been a single criminal complaint about Vyapam on this website. There were, he said, six official cases filed against people for fraudulent activity, but none had been prosecuted. Other complaints focused on the quality of testing products, particularly for quality control in government laboratories. Vyapam has attracted other allegations: that it was used to cover up deaths among drug addicts who died while being treated with a mixture of Vyapam and tainted painkillers; that it had been used to extort money from businesses that refused to sell the products; and that it had been used to defraud hospitals in prescribe drugs, which could easily be diverted for personal use.

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