About John Knapp


I’m from Seattle, I came to Silicon Valley in 2011 – I like it here.

Speaking professionally:
My core competencies span nearly every aspect of tech startups: From ideation to raising money to exit strategies. From team building to leadership and fostering a culture of sustainable commitment. From product concepts, through hands-on development and user experience to patents and commercialization. From sales and marketing to strategic partnerships. From business models to strategies and tactics and being ever responsive to change.

My professional resumé is available to download as PDF.

Speaking personally:
I’m curious, passionate and creative. I value clear communication, transparency and respect for others. I like people. I enjoy photography – capturing the beauty around me. I’m a musician and have played lots of different instruments – always seeking to express feeling. I am a man of the sea; a sailor. I’ve done a lot of sailboat racing and enjoyed competition at lots of different levels – from low-key races with friends to leading my team at the Melges 24 world championships. I’ve cruised the waters of Puget Sound, San Juans and British Columbia and crossed oceans in my Tartan 37 – paying for my tropical adventures with deep ocean storms and knockdowns on the way back home. I’ve traveled quite a bit for both business and pleasure and have many more destinations in mind.

You can reach me at: