The path to where I want to be

An impeccable love, a pleasant home with creative space and financial freedom to enable rewarding activities and a joyous life.

  • Impeccable love — An abiding partnership filled with care, respect and understanding. To a deserving peer I will offer all the love, support and understanding I wish to receive in return.
  • Pleasant home — A place of comfort and refuge, not far from the things we need
  • Creative space — A place where we can express creatively for business and pleasure
  • Financial freedom — Sustainable income to support all of our desires
  • Rewarding activities — Doing the things that nourish us and create value
  • Joyous life — Free from stress with an ability to do what we want

The entrepreneurial path:

The main enabler is Startup Alliance which can generate plenty of positive cashflow while delivering value to the world in alignment with my foundational desire to help entrepreneurs. The key success driver is an effective viral loop where Companies and Private Alliances bring in their people. A key factor for sustainability is effective onboarding and low churn, which comes from delivering a quality experience, sustained value and pride in membership.

Startup Alliance will be successful when it meets these targets:
  • 2K Company subscribers
  • 4K Alliance subscribers
  • 18K Entrepreneur subscribers
  • 48K Associate subscribers
  • 36 month average customer lifetime for paid subscription
  • 5% annual churn rate

These targets will generate ample revenue. Primary expenses are team, marketing and servers. Since Startup Alliance exists to serve my needs, headcount will be kept low. Both because staff is expensive and because I don’t want to manage a team.

Main staffing requirements will be product, growth, retention and support. Equity sharing and strategic partnerships will help get the high impact, low cost help Startup Alliance wants.

Other factors to insure Startup Alliance helps me achieve my plan will be moderating its demands on my time and insuring it will qualify me for a mortgage.