Optimizing Outcomes

My client engagements are partnerships where my client and I work as a team to achieve their goals. The results we achieve are optimized when we both meet our responsibilities.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Articulate their goals and express project tasks in context with those goals
  • Articulate product requirements clearly and be available for discussion
  • Set priorities and engineering schedule in a collaborative fashion
  • Articulate actionable product feedback in a timely fashion

My Responsibilities:

  • Help the client refine their vision and insure my tasks serve their goals and move their product and company towards their vision
  • Understand product requirements and implement them appropriately using the right technologies
  • Make sure the user experience is intuitive, effective and performant
  • Inform the client on progress made and issues encountered

We stay in close communication using various tools. Ideally, those tools include:

  1. Project management – Trello works great but there are others
  2. Real-time chat – Slack is the obvious choice
  3. Web meetings / Screen sharing – I’m a big fan of Jitsi
  4. Source code repository – It’s essential to keep the work product safe
  5. Email – will always be with us but it’s better to communicate within the project management tool