Professional services for inventors, patent holders and licensees

I’m a patented inventor and strong believer in the value patents deliver.

I’m not a patent attorney but I’ve been hands-on setting strategy, conducting prior art searches, writing applications and drafting claims. Additionally, I’ve participated in USPTO patent prosecution, I’ve bought and sold patent portfolios and engaged in licensing negotiations.

Coupling my background in IP with my technology and business experience, I’m making myself available to consult with entrepreneurs, business people and patent professionals.

I can help you answer critical IP questions:
  • Should you pursue an IP strategy?
  • How should you choose patent counsel?
  • Is your IP being infringed?
  • Do you infringe on IP you don’t own?
  • Should you sell or license IP from others?
  • Should you sell or license your IP to others?
  • What’s a claim chart and how can you benefit?
  • How is a particular patent determined to be valid or invalid?
  • How does Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Intl. impact my software startup?

Email me to discuss how I can help your amplify the value of your IP.