Professional copy with brevity and impact

I write impactful technical and non-technical copy for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. My clients appreciate my professionalism, versatility, creativity and the effectiveness of my deliverables.

Available for freelance on projects large or small:
  • Software and system documentation, technical documentation
  • User interface elements for mobile, desktop and web apps
  • Product tutorials, user guides, knowledge base articles
  • Product or service descriptions for your website
  • Sales templates, proposals, landing pages
  • Explainer videos, scripts, voice overs
  • Marketing copy for online or print
  • Read some writing samples
“John has a powerful ability to turn a complex product into a story and value prop that anyone can appreciate. This is critical for any marketer trying to break through the noise in their marketplace.”  Nicolas Robbe, CEO, Hoverlay
Seven reasons why I should write your next copy:
  1. I come up to speed quickly on your products your services and requirements
  2. I use appropriate language in a voice that will resonate with your audience
  3. I work efficiently and my work will align with your goals and your agenda
  4. My copy will educate, inspire and compel action as your needs dictate
  5. I understand production realities and deliver quality work on time
  6. I’m a seasoned startup entrepreneur, designer and developer
  7. I have a knack to make complex topics easily understood

Professional interactions, efficient work, impactful deliverables.

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