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Where can i get phentermine in the uk ? what are different dosages? does the dose look like? what do people think about phentermine and Adderall? Thanks in advance for any assistance, it has greatly helped the community and has really helped me get my life back! anon96292 Post 6 Lorazepam vendita online So i am a 27 year old man. It was 2 weeks ago, and i had taken Adderall a few other prescription drugs which increased my appetite to the max. When i took phenetol ate an entire roll of toilet paper. When i took phentermine it 1 1/2 hours to Buying adderall in spain get my appetite back normal. I had not taken any stimulants such as amphetamines or any of the other common stimulants for my problem and i have noticed since then eaten 3 rolls of toilet paper at once. Am i over thinking these medications? anon94872 Post 5 I have been struggling for 3 years and can not get it under control. I will give any prescription medication if its prescribed because i know my health insurance doesn't cover it and i can't afford to get rid of it on my own. What i want to see is that the American people get more informed of what's going on when it comes to drugs, so i don't have anyone telling me to take medication and that it's all for the good. I can't sleep at night and i'm having an anxiety attack every half hour or so. I have been doing this since i was 5 and need someone to teach me the right pills and what is wrong. thanks. anon94757 Post 4 Why is it that people seem to think a drug is OK when it comes to their medical conditions when others don't? Can a medicine not be taken if it is causing problems elsewhere? anon93698 Post 3 I was prescribed these pills since 10 months ago and i was thinking that they were very good and i could keep taking them. Recently two days ago i got extremely anxious all of a sudden and i just couldn't calm down because i was just nervous enough to break down into tears and yell. My psychiatrist at the time said it was because of something i ate, but they are not taking it anymore, what do i now?? anon96258 Post 2 i have problems with ADD also. i take meds and then just stop them or sometimes take a pill and it feels good for a time or sometimes just leave them for a week or 10 days, sometimes i really wanted to get back on them. i have been having problems with my appetite, but i'm not sure if i have it or not. sometimes i think can only overeat or just a certain amount of something i eat. sometimes will just be too focused and anxious going out if i know it's a restaurant or something which makes me feel like i can't go to eat at all. any suggestions to help? anon84904 Post 1 I took the same medication about 4 years ago, and at first it made me drugstore dry shampoo brands feel good, but in a week it made me very anxious and irritable. I feel like can't function, my grades are down. It's making me really depressed. extremely anxious and paranoid. It makes me feel physically sick to my stomach. I can't function. anon84870 Post 0 I would love to get my life back after taking this medication for about a year. There was time at the beginning of my experience when I was in my middle-20's when it's been very good. On taking my medication I would be feeling great. All of my depression and anxiety went away along with the physical symptoms. After a week or two at most, I began to feel ill, but the reason for that seems quite important. It feels like I've taken too many of these pills and it just overwhelms me. A week of taking these meds makes me feel very sick, especially if my stomach is upset. The physical feeling of fatigue is very common and all over my body, but when I try to stop taking these meds, I do not feel any better when I the effect they are having on me. I can not function in my everyday activities and I think this is because of the chemical imbalance that's caused. I don't understand how anyone can get high or feel good by taking these medications just for fun, as I did. feel if I'm "losing it" and this medication just makes my depression rise to it's fullest. It also Acheter zolpidem mylan makes me hate everything around me. Sometimes I hate people, especially the ones who look buy phentermine cheap uk to up these same drug-dependent people and try to justify themselves as "having it". I understand how they do it, but I hate when watch those people because I don't want it to be me for once. One day, I need to remember the real me, and one day I.

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