Quantum Manifesting

Personal notes from 2007 Quantum Manifesting seminar:

We are made of Cells which contain Molecules which contain Atoms which contain Subatomic Particles: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. All Protons are identical and all Neutrons are identical. Protons carry a positive electrical charge and Neutrons carry a neutral electrical charge. Electrons carry a negative electrical charge so in order to remain electrically balanced, all atoms like to have a number of Electrons equal to their number of Neutrons. What makes one kind of matter different from another kind of matter is the number of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons they contain. For example, a Helium Atom contains two of each and a Beryllium Atom contains three of each.

Subatomic Particles are energy. Albert Einstein introduced the notion that an Atom is a tightly concentrated, meta-stable bundle of energy arising from the universal (or zero point) field.

There are three things to realize about Subatomic Particles:

  1. They are energy.
  2. They comprise every Atom in the universe.
  3. They are very, very small.

To understand how small, imagine an atom the size of Earth – the Nucleus (the Protons and Neutrons at the center) would be the size of a grain of sand, the Electrons circling in a diameter equal to the diameter of Earth would be the size of one two hundredth of a grain of sand. And the rest of the volume of that Earth sized Atom is simply empty space. The reason we perceive objects as being solid when they are almost entirely empty space is because the Electrons are moving very fast and appear to be everywhere at once. The same way the spokes of a bicycle wheel may appear solid when the wheel is spinning very fast.

Strange things happen in Quantum Physics. In one experiment called the Double Slit Experiment, it was shown that Electrons behaved sometimes as particles and at other times as waves. In this experiment the presence of an observer caused the Electrons to stop behaving as waves and begin behaving as particles.

So it is said there are waves of possibility and that only upon observation is the result frozen. An easy to understand example is I don’t know where you are unless I observe you.

In the book The Secret Life of Plants, it was shown that a person can cause a reaction in a plant. A man connected measuring equipment to a philodendron and measured a result when he held a match flame to a leaf. In fact, the plant reacted even in anticipation of being burned which demonstrated a connection that now is believed to be related to the quantum field. But after he came to feel bad about burning a plant yet one day wanted to show a friend how the plant reacts, he acted (without intent) like he was going to burn it but the plant didn’t react. Another time, there was an example of the measuring equipment picking up a reaction in the plant at the instant he had an orgasm – in another town. This further proves there is some type of connection between the man and plant.

To the brain, there is no difference between a real and imagined experience. A vivid imagined experience forms the same neural pathways as a real experience. This is why visualization is important to sports performance and other parts of life.

Results come from Action which is driven by Emotion which is the outcome of Thoughts which are shaped by Beliefs. Stated another way:

Beliefs > Thoughts > Emotion > Action > Results

In other words, our beliefs shape our results. Achieving different results requires a different mindset – a different set of beliefs.

And given the principles of Neurological Re-patterning, greatest success is achieved if the new program is bigger, louder, bolder and more vivid than the old program. In this case, it can successfully overlay the old program. (How we learn.)

So given that there is a Quantum Field that we can affect with our mind – thereby attracting, or manifesting a particular result – and given that our mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined experiences – and given that Neurological Re-patterning says vivid programs are most effective, Quantum Manifesting can be described in actionable steps which will be described right after completing these preliminary exercises:

  1. Write 100 things you love to do.
  2. Write down what is truly important to you.
  3. Write down 10 huge goals that would really light your fire. Goals so big you can’t even imagine the how and goals which have the power to include and inspire others.
  4. Choose the three that inspire you most.

Here are the steps:

  1. Imagine a detailed scene from your future which proves the achievement of your three most inspiring goals. Write it down in V.A.K.G.O. format. (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory, Olfactory) Write about everything you can imagine seeing, hearing feeling tasting and smelling – make the colors vivid, make the sounds loud, make the feelings intense, the scents strong, the tastes gigantic, give all the senses a huge dose to help make the scene powerful for your mind. You should be able to clearly imagine this happy scene which proves you have achieved your Super Goal.
  2. Spend 15 minutes a day for 21 days “Programming” which means intently and actively living the sensations brought about by imagining your detailed scene that proves you have achieved your Super Goal. Act it out, make it big and with plenty of motion and a lot of noise if that would help you. After Programming, let it go and know the Quantum Field has been impacted.
  3. Stay Happy. Positive emotion is beneficial. An exercise: When you wake up every morning, tell your loved one 5 things you are thankful for. Speak them out loud to each other. Another exercise: List 100 things you love to do and add some of them into your schedule.
  4. Take Aggressive Action. Opportunities will appear which will clearly point towards your Super Goal and when they do, grab the bull by the horns and pursue them vigorously. This should be inspired action that feels good and gives you energy. If it doesn’t give you energy, something is wrong.
  5. Stay Grateful.
  6. Be Present. Don’t live in the past or future, really experience the now. If you are not, cycle the V.A.K.G.O. of your current instant to get back on track. Another exercise to get back in the now: Jumping jacks.
  7. Act as if.
  8. Forget the hows.
  9. Kaizen. Take a step and incorporate feedback into determining the next.

This process works with any meaningful and positive goal that strongly inspires you and others.

Future Exercise:
Imagine four aspects of a scene 6 or 12 months in the future: Personal, Financial, Success, Spiritual. Imagine yourself having achieved what you want. Ask your mind if it sees any problem the achievement of this future state would bring about and if so, what to do about it. Ask your mind what has changed on the timeline between now and then that has let this change occur.

There is usually a subconscious positive intent for having a problem and the Parts Exercise can help to overcome it:

  1. Dialog with the part of you which has that problem.
  2. Visualize or sense that part and ask it what it really needs, deep down.
  3. Ask it why it needs that.
  4. Ask it to reveal another way to meet that need that doesn’t derail you with the problem.
  5. Get agreement that the new approach will give it what it needs so it won’t need to cause the problem any more.

Parallel Universe Exercise: Imagine yourself floating over to a parallel universe where everything in your life has gone perfectly to help you achieve your fullest potential. Imagine seeing yourself there, look yourself in the eye, enter yourself and feel how it feels. Now hold that feeling and realize that is you and that you are already all that. Now float back to this universe bringing your better self with you.