JK work search Q422

Experienced and versatile industry agnostic technology professional currently exploring full time opportunities. Preference for either an early stage funded startup or an established business (or workgroup) of less than 18-24 people. Selectively open to a co-founder role.

Beyond an ability to excel in nearly any senior hands-on technology role, there is an interest and experience to shift into product management. The core strengths and standout characteristics indicate many areas where he can make a strong positive impact to nearly any technology business.

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Core strengths:

  • Mobile web app planning, design and development
  • API planning, design and development
  • Technology and platform integrations
  • Cloud architecture and system design
  • Software QA, testing, customer service
  • Technical documentation and marketing copy
  • Market analysis and customer discovery
  • Business strategy, advisory and leadership

Standout characteristics:

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Effectively interface with cross functional teams
  • Persistent with very strong work ethic
  • Extraordinarily broad skill set
  • Highly entrepreneurial with significant early stage startup experience
  • Can make complex topics easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences
  • Can retain awareness of overall context and objectives while focusing on details
  • Equally analytical and creative in business and technical environments

Professional Narrative:

I possess significant technology and business / strategy experience with a proven track record of innovation, leadership, software development and product management. I am a passionate adherent of Agile Software Development and Lean Startup Methodologies with over 14 years experience gathering market requirements, designing, developing and delivering intuitive and effective web applications as well as recruiting and leading development, UX/UI, testing and QA teams. My technical strengths include architecture, data modeling, system design, fault tolerance and performance optimization. I’ve written impactful marketing copy for businesses of all kinds and all sizes as well as reams of technical documentation.

For more, here are business experience and technology experience listings. I am thankful to have many testimonials and professional references are available on request.