Flat Rate Policies

These policies outline the basis on which flat-rate services are provided:

  1. John provides software development and other services on a flat-rate basis to clients who commit to at least a three month work duration.
  2. He provides services to multiple clients and balances his time between them.
  3. He tries to meet client schedule requirements but clients realize their schedule requirements may not always be met.
  4. Flat-rate clients are entitled to a specific number of hours per week (Weekly Allocation) paid in advance of each billing period.
  5. John may increase the Weekly Allocation to help meet a particular client schedule requirement.
  6. John may decrease the Weekly Allocation to maintain an approximate balance of hours spent across multiple weeks.
  7. Software projects are optimized by accurately documenting requirements and focusing on one task at a time.
  8. Clients should document and prioritize engineering requirements in an online project management tool such as Trello.
  9. Incomplete or unclear requirements or shifting priorities compromise work efficiency causing tasks to take longer. 
  10. At the clients request, John can provide a best guess rough estimate of each discrete task but clients realize that software development is hard to estimate accurately.
  11. Unforeseen complications or incompatibilities can compromise velocity as can revisions to scope or engineering requirements.

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