Curated Intent

I made Curated intent in 2014 to fix online advertising. Here is archived site copy:

Online browsing data belongs to the people doing the browsing.

By making it easy for people to take control of their advertising experience, Curated Intent is fundamentally changing the way online advertising works. We’re very passionate about this positive change because it delivers value and enhances the entire advertising ecosystem. Join the revolution!

For People online:
Take control of your data, get better deals

What you should know

Publishers are in business to give you a good online experience and they fund their business by selling ads. Sometimes they get paid just by showing you ads and sometimes they get paid only when you click on the ad. So obviously, they want to show you ads they think you like because you’re more likely to notice them and click on them. What you may not know is they track your browsing activities and use that to choose which ad to show.

They’re just guessing

And even though they spend millions of dollars to make good guesses, you’re often shown irrelevant ads so you miss out on the great ads for things you really want.

We put you in charge

We make it easy for you to take control of your advertising experience by telling us what you like and what you don’t like. Then we let advertisers know your interests and in exchange, you get the best offers on things you want, you get fewer annoying ads and exclusive access to premium content.

You deserve the best!

The best offers, the best ads, the best content. If you’re browsing online, enter your information and we’ll let you know how to get started with Curated Intent.

For Publishers:
Listen to your audience, make more money

What you should know

People react favorably when given a say in the use of their browsing data. Expanding on that by giving them easy, powerful control over their data, and being transparent about it, wins trust and improves their browsing experience.

It also improves your bottom line.

That’s what we do

Our technologies are an add-on to your current ad operations. Once integrated, people curate their intent data without leaving your property to build a personalized collection of opt-in data owned by them and managed by us. Using Curated Intent, your audience attracts the best offers which increases their enjoyment and boosts your advertising results.

Plus exclusive benefits for you

As a Curated Intent Media Partner, you get valuable audience information you can use to improve your property. Plus, we help you establish exclusive content sections just for people using Curated Intent where you can charge premium ad rates to boost your revenue even more.

Give your audience the best!

And make more money while you do. If you’re a publisher, enter your information and we’ll let you know how to get started with Curated Intent.

For Demand Side Platforms:
Grow revenue and results with Curated Intent

What you should know

Our technologies help people easily manage a personalized collection of opt-in intent data. We aggregate that intent and offer it to you as a superior source of ad targeting data. When you use Curated Intent to target ads, guesswork is eliminated and people engage and convert more frequently.

We help drive your revenue

When you work with Curated Intent, you have the best data, you deliver the best results and you get the best price for the work you do.

Delivering a practical solution

Our technologies provide you with up-to-the minute data that’s accurate, detailed and tightly coupled to the people who made it. Data that’s easy for you to integrate into your existing operations.

We’re dedicated to your success!

Now is the time to begin. If you’re a DSP, enter your information and we’ll let you know how to get started with Curated Intent.

For Advertisers:
No need to guess, we can tell you what people want

What you should know

Curated Intent provides a superior source of opt-in ad targeting data based on what people tell us they want. By helping people take control of their advertising experience, we make advertising more useful and eliminate their privacy concerns.

When that happens, you win

Curated Intent lets you deliver the right ads to the right people which means they’ll engage and convert more frequently – and you’ll sell more.

We make it easy

We provide Curated Intent data to DSPs so you can use it in very your next campaign.

Turbocharge your campaigns!

The next step is yours. If you’re an advertiser, enter your information and we’ll let you know how to get started with Curated Intent.

About us:
Our purpose and our mission

Our purpose is to improve advertising by helping people take control of their browsing data. We make it easy and we make sure the companies that benefit from using that data pay for its use and the people doing the browsing are compensated. Our mission is to do this while benefiting the entire advertising ecosystem and doing so with integrity, fairness and transparency.

The Case for Curated Intent as the Future of Advertising

Online advertising has been based on inferred intent – where a person is shown ads relating to the websites they visit and the searches they make. This browsing and search data is kept in centralized databases and associated to the person using browser cookies placed by various publishers and ad tech providers. Accordingly, computers have many tracking cookies associated to many profiles in many databases.

This is an imperfect system based on educated guesses on what people want. People can’t easily tell who is tracking them nor what they know. There’s no clear answer for data ownership. Many people don’t like being tracked without their consent yet there is no easy remedy. There are too many trackers to opt out of them all and blocking all cookies causes many websites to malfunction. Overall, accepting tracking cookies in exchange for more relevant ads is a dubious and unsustainable value exchange.

We believe curated intent is a better approach – where a person owns and manages their intent data and is compensated when they make it available to advertisers. When advertisers use curated intent, guesswork is eliminated and people receive ads that are more relevant and enjoyable.

Curated Intent is an advertising technology provider enabling this superior approach to advertising and delivering a superior and sustainable value exchange that benefits the entire advertising ecosystem. Our solution is simple and intuitive for people online and our technologies integrate easily into the existing ad operations in use today.

Based in Silicon Valley, Curated Intent is powered by ad industry veterans, technologists and innovative software. To reach us, use the form below.