Live online coaching

Highly effective online coaching sessions using our webcams and scheduled at your convenience. Below are some suggestions but actual topics and agenda will be tailored to your needs. Please email me to outline your plan for success.

  • Your first step to success – In this low cost session, you and I get acquainted and you’ll have a chance to describe your situation and your goals. We’ll make sure we have a healthy rapport and make sure we both feel I can help you achieve your business goals. (New clients only.)
  • Your Perfect Business Idea – Having ideas isn’t the hard part. The hard part is knowing if an idea is right for you. This session provides feedback and actionable advice to help you decide if you should go for it.  We’ll work through three key tests to determine if the idea is worth pursuing. You’ll also get my 5 step cycle to take you from fledging idea to confident action. 
  • Lean Startup Quickstart – Lean Startup is a set of methodologies to reduce costly mistakes, save time and maximize business success. It’s equally viable for a new business or an existing business introducing a new product or service. This session brings you up to speed quickly and gives you a solid understanding of Lean Startup Methodologies. Session also spells out key activities and strategies to put Lean Startup to work for your business.
  • Business Assessment and Planning – Discuss your business with a seasoned entrepreneur, evaluate your current situation, your goals and your options. Receiving advice and recommendations from an impartial expert gives you confidence in setting strategy and objectives. Feel free to schedule repeat sessions – my ability to help grows as I become more familiar with you, your goals and your business.
  • Weekly Tuneup –Once we’ve gotten to know each other, you’ll probably want ongoing discussions to maximize your success. Let’s make a regular habit of connecting each week to review your progress and fine tune your strategies. (Past clients only.)